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I am extremely honored to be President of the Sinker-Miller Medical Association for the 2014-2016 terms. As I look back over our past Presidents I am humbled to be included in this group of distinguished physicians. I am thankful to the many physicians who have gently nudged me along the path to Presidency. In particular, I would like to thank my mentor and current NMA President, Dr. Michael Lenoir for taking me under his wings and introducing me to Sinkler-Miller Medical Association during my internship year in Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Oakland. It was because of his commitment to this organization that I became involved in Sinkler-Miller. It is not lost on me that my Presidency coincides with his Presidency of our national organization, the National Medical Association. I hope that each of you plan to attend the NMA conference this summer to support Mike and to become more involved with our parent organization. 

Last year, SMMA celebrated 30 years of giving scholarships to deserving medical, nursing and high school students. To date, we have given over $1Million to help the next generation of healthcare providers attain their goals! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back! While this is an amazing accomplishment, our organization is not just about giving scholarships. We are “physicians dedicated to a healthy community!” This “community” is not limited to our patients; it includes you, the physicians. SMMA is committed to nurturing young physicians as they move through residency and into practice and supporting seasoned physicians as we navigate the various changes in healthcare (especially with the Affordable Care Act) and in our careers. To this end, my goals for the 2014-2015 Presidential term are as follows:

  1. increase our membership, including the number of residents and ACTIVE members
  2. adopt a health focus (e.g. heart disease, sickle-cell anemia) and expand our community presence through participation in community events, seminars and workshops
  3. establish new and stable revenue streams
  4. develop and/or improve partnerships with other professional organizations

These goals can only be accomplished with your help. I need you. SMMA needs you. If you are not already a PAID member, we need you to pay your dues, today. If you are a paid member, we need you to actively participate. I am excited about what we can accomplish TOGETHER!


Donna C. Carey, MD