Wild Salmon for Vitamin D

Recently, new studies have questioned whether patients should take a vitamin D supplement to prevent osteoporosis.  In the United States, many of us do not get enough sun exposure to keep our vitamin D levels high.  As well, we do not eat enough foods with vitamin D.  The general recommendation is for the average person without vitamin D deficiency to take in 600-900 units of vitamin D each day.  This is especially important for pregnant women, women who have passed menopause, and any one who has taken steroid pills for long periods of time.

Vitamin D can be found in eggs, dairy products, fortified cereals, and wild salmon & mackerel.

Along with vitamin D, 900-1200 mg of calcium in your diet or as a supplement should be taken each day.  I recommend that if your vitamin D test is 20 or below, you take a high-dose supplement of vitamin D daily or weekly.  If you do not eat dairy products regularly, please discuss what dose of calcium you should take with your primary care doctor.

Please discuss with your primary care physician before starting any supplements.

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