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Residents Workshop

Residents Workshop

Sinkler Miller Medical Association will be holding a residents’ career and mentoring workshop with additional focus on the nancial aspects of obtaining gainful employment.
This free half-day workshop, is for residents, fellows, and medical students who are interested in careers in academic medicine, private practice, managed care practice in a hospital setting, or research based medicine. The workshop will also be showcasing a segment on nancial planning, obtaining bank loans, student loan assistance, etc.
Get the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and thrive in your specialty upon graduation from residency! SMMA is committed to empowering you, our next generation of physicians.

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5 To Stay Alive Program Image

5 To Stay Alive

This program is to promote and encourage the community to be healthy.
It emphasizes the 5 things you should know to stay healthy.
Doctors will come and speak about the program.

If you are interested in having a Sinkler-Miller physician speak to your organization or at an event, please contact us.
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Doctors On Board Program image

PMF Doctors on Board

Every year, SMMA Doctors participate in the Physicians Medical Forum “Doctors On Board Program” which is an innovative and exciting opportunity for African American students who are pre-med students, college/university & community college students and high school seniors to experience a rare snapshot of what it takes to become a physician. “Doctors On Board” will provide students an opportunity to explore some of the varied facets of medicine and provide information about medical school preparation. Students will also network with physicians, faculty, residents, medical students, administrators, business professionals and discuss some of the core aspect of medicine, review admissions requirements, exam preparation and other requirements, and, engage in mock case study role-play and group activities that encourages them to become physicians.


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