Sinkler Miller Medical Association Scholarship Application

For Medical Students, Post Bac Students, Nursing Students and High School Students


  • Applicants must be Black/African American and from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area
  • Applicants must provide verification of acceptance into college or enrollment in medical school, post bac program, or nursing school.
  • Medical, post bac and nursing students must be in good standing in the accredited medical school, post bac program or nursing school applicant is attending.
  • High school students must have a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0.
  • Applicants must demonstrate a financial need.


  • This scholarship will provide awards to students for the 2017 2018 academic year. We will select the most qualified candidates who are high school seniors, or those who are post bac students or those students attending medical or nursing school. High school seniors are eligible for $1,000 scholarships, nursing and post bac students for

$1,500 scholarships and medical students for $3,000 to $5,000 scholarships.

  • High school seniors will need to provide a letter of acceptance to a four year accredited college/university and confirmation of their registration at a four year college/university. Upon receiving this information, Sinkler Miller Medical Association will issue their scholarship award check. Medical, nursing and  post bac students must be enrolled in medical, nursing school or a post bac program and in good standing in the academic year. Verification of acceptance/enrollment is required. Scholarship funds will be paid via check directly to the student.

Scholarship funds should be applied toward tuition, fees and other appropriate educational expenses. Awardees will be contacted with the final decisions. Awards will be presented at the Annual Sinkler Miller Medical Association Scholarship Dinner Dance being held this year on October 28, 2017 at the Greek Cathedral Community Center located at 4700 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602.  More information will be posted this summer at

  • Only actual award recipients will be with the final decision.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to attend and should keep this date open in case they are awarded the scholarship.


The application must include:

  • A certified current academic transcript.
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member of the medical school, post bac program, nursing school or high school.
  • A personal statement essay which provides information about community involvement, career goals and desire to contribute to the medical community. The applicant should also state why he/she believes they should receive the scholarship award. Information about unique, personal or financial circumstances may be added. Personal statements must not be more than two pages in length.
  • Applicants must submit a copy of the 2016 IRS form W2 filed by them and/or spouse or parent(s) or guardian(s) used to document income.


  • All applicants, and, if applicable, their parents or guardian, must sign the attached application, certifying that all information provided is true and completed to the best of your/their knowledge. Upon submission of the completed application, applicants grant SMMA the right to use any information contained in the application for the purpose of promoting and publicizing the program or as legally required or permitted by law.