Holiday party to honor the children in our community

Inside our committment to empower our community, SMMA is committed to empowering the children.  They are our future.  Our future is often shaped by life events and what we say to ourselves as a result of those events.  Each life event and the impact it has on a child can either limit or expand what becomes possible for that child.

SMMA is planning a holiday party for its members and adult professionals in our community.  The theme of the party is to create hope in the mind of a child.  We want the children to know that people care about them and that they are loved.  We are asking that each person bring an unwrapped gift in addition to a $75 donation.

We are looking for a venue, and sponsors.  We  are in need of Santa’s Helpers to wrap the gifts and present to the children, along with Santa!

Interested in creating hope in the mind of a child this holiday season?  Email us at

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