Joy Foster, M.D.

Letter from the President

As the newly elected president for 2016-2017, I want to acknowledge each and every member of Sinkler Miller Medical Association for your continued support of the organization over the past 33 years. Without you there would be no organization. Without your support, the mission of Sinkler Miller Medical Association would be nothing more than words on paper. We are physicians dedicated to a healthy community. We are physicians standing for the improvement of healthcare of people of color in the Bay Area. We are physicians committed to our community through public health programs, committed to the recruitment and retention of African-American healthcare providers, and we are physicians committed to empowering the next generation of healthcare providers through our annual scholarship fundraiser.

As president of this organization, I have the honor of being the leader of leaders; to speak, create and advocate on behalf of each and every member. To use the analogy of an orchestra, a conductor does not generate the music as an individual. It takes each and every member of the orchestra working together under the direction of the conductor to create music. The ongoing success of the organization is contingent upon each and every member contributing to the well-being of the organization.

The success of any organization requires a strong foundation. Increasing the financial well-being of the organization is of paramount importance. It is possible to strengthen the foundation of our organization through increased paid membership to include the participation of younger physicians, procurement of grants, and expansion of the success of our annual fundraiser. You, our members, play a crucial role in strengthening the foundation of the organization. It’s important that we support each other. I am committed to listening to what’s important to each of you in the context of what’s important to the organization. We must continue to raise the awareness of Sinkler Miller Medical Association in our community so that we are known as a resource for all levels of the community that we serve.

I invite each and every one of you to declare that this is the year to raise the bar for our organization. Just like the conductor can’t create music alone, the success of our organization depends on each and every one of you being an active participant, asking yourself, what am I doing to support my organization? Have I paid my dues? Have I invited other physicians to become members? Have I supported the fundraiser events? Have I suggested possible speakers for our membership meetings? We all make a difference.

I acknowledge each of you for the difference that you make and that you continue to make in our organization, our community, and our world.

I look forward to creating with you the next two years of Sinkler Miller Medical Association.

Peace and love,

Joy D. Foster, M.D.

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