Scholarship Recipient Says Thank You to SMMA

Sent: 2017-04-05 5:48:30 PM
Subject: Re: Azisa Todd- Sinkler Miller Medical Association Scholarship
Hello Dr. Hodges,

I hope you are doing well. I am just sending this email as a personal follow up to inform you on the first half of my college experiences.  I realize as I enter my final quarter of being a first year that college has been a lifesaving experience. Despite the ability to come home every weekend, I now consider UCLA to be my home.  Although college has its ups and downs, I am blessed that I have the support from you as well as the founders and supporters of the Sinkler Miller Medical Association Scholarship Board.

From taking a class on the history of Rock and Roll to learning about the politics and biomedical ethics of stem cell research, I am happy that UCLA has exposed me to both humanities and science. This exposure will be critical when it comes time to apply for medical schools. Merging my love for humanities, social justice, and sciences could have only been made available had I gone to an institution like UCLA.

Similarly, my friendship circle is filled with people of all walks of life. Some are Humanities majors, some are science, and some are undeclared. Despite these differences, the main thing we have in common is that we are determined, bright young scholars who want to change the world in the best way possible. I see this mainly in my internship. As a member of the Student Activist Program on campus, our organization strives to reconstruct the cultural divide that is often unheard of on campus. In the midst of the election, we have decided that our spring quarter will be dedicated to bringing cultural organizations on campus together.   In many ways, UCLA’s political party system shares similar demographics within our own student government that is run by some of the cultural orgs, but by unifying these groups, SAP believes that we can strengthen the overall communal aspect that we feel is lacking.

Finally, I have become aware that college classes are rough, but they are passable.   I can honestly say that I have had my first official experience with college professors who may not support students, but the teaching assistants I have had were excellent. There has not been one TA during my primary college career that I have had a problem with. I recall my chemistry teacher in high school tell me prior to leaving for college that, if anything, attend office hours. I took that advice to heart, and my grades show how much of an impact office hours can have.

While I am still growing and learning my ways around college, I am happy with the experiences I’ve had and the friends I’ve made. Along with this, I have learned how important it is to keep in touch with people back home.   I write this email now, sitting in the library with a pile of textbooks, but something in my head  urged me to take time out and write to you.  You made an impact on my life and I am truly grateful for that.

Please keep in contact, especially during the summer seeing that I will be at UCLA taking summer courses to get ahead on my major requirements!   Please keep me in your prayers!


Azisa Todd


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