SMMA Welcomes New Resident Liaison Bukky Oseni-Olalemi DPM

While both my parents are originally from Nigeria, they made our home in Fresno, CA and forged their way to make strong successful professional marks in our community with a lot of hard work and tireless determination.  I attended the University of CA, Davis and have always had a strong interest in healthcare. Yet, I believe my mother, whose dedication to her nursing career at Saint Agnes Hospital in Fresno, has played the single most important role in my decision to work in medicine. She taught me at a very young age that we must always work hard and give back, in some way, for the opportunities we have all been given throughout our lifetime.

I am confident that my decision to give back as a podiatrist will offer me opportunities to not only directly help my patient population, but to also make substantial contributions to the healthcare arena including local underserved patient populations, clinical research and public health outreach to those in need both in the US and international underserved areas. I therefore remain active with important community service initiatives, international health and local health fairs for our Bay Area challenged communities, who need direct clinical outreach to their neighborhoods and homes. I also remain active in Bay Area clinical research programs in order to help the next generation of patients with new innovative treatment modalities.

As a 2nd year podiatric resident at the San Francisco Veteran’s Affairs (VASF) Health System and Medical Center, I also work directly with residents and medical students through University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center and the UCSF-Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. As the 2017 SMMA Resident Liaison, I look forward to establishing a strong communication network to extend the SMMA tenants to my current colleagues and to also extend the SMMA initiatives to inspire younger generations at Bay Area high schools, junior colleges and state colleges.

When not at work or studying, my personal time is devoted to maintaining an important balance in my life    with regular cardiovascular exercise and spending invaluable time with my family and close friends.

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